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DAAW. This was extremely cute! I did all the routes and I'd say my favorite was Roswell's cos he's a blushing cutie that swears. Adel's route was nice and I relate to her on some level (the anxiety around people). Haven is a sweetheart. And I have to say Captain DeWilde is an amazing side character as well. Quite short, though! But all in all, lovely artsy, cutesy game :)

Although the color of the dialog for Korovic is a bit of inconvenience for me and Haven-Korovic expression sometime remind me to some BL cliche (pardon my dirty mind :'D ),

this overall is such a loveable encounter of each palace guards, each with their own background+motivation and how that brighten up Korovic from his past (although explained as piece by piece from each routes) and move on. 

And thanks so much for that pause before ending's name, giving enough time and room to screenshot the romantic scene cleanly ^^

This was really cute!! I enjoyed playing it :)

Thanks so much! We're happy you enjoyed it. :')

How dare you make something so cute?!

Haha, sorry, I had to! To be honest, I only did Roswell's ending so far because I fell in love with him the moment I saw him, but it was so damn cute! Of course it's short and simple, but it's a lovely little game that made me smile a lot. I'll have to try out the other endings at some point.

And I must say I LOVE the art. The style is very pretty and quite unique, not to mention the very original character designs.

For such a short game made in a month, it's really worth playing, so congrats!

This comment made us both so happy. Thanks for the appreciation, seeing this made our day!